Swedish Quality, Handmade

The HÔMAGE Collection

A collection of three solid 925 Sterling silver bracelets made exclusively in Sweden. Crafted from reused silver and finished by hand in three different variants. The HÔMAGE is coupled with the fantastic Föreningen Storasyster (The Big Sister Foundation) to which 10% of profits made are donated to aid their efforts in combating sexual abuse.

The three pieces in the HÔMAGE collection are Mångata, Sot and Rimfrost. Each with its unique handcrafted finish. The Mångata is simply polished to perfection, a result not matched by any machine finish. The Sot is oxidized to reach a matte black finish that wears with time. Lastly the Rimfrost, beaten with a whip like tool to give a rough finish that darkens over time.

All three pieces are meant to wear with use to give the wearer their own unique touch.

The HÔMAGE collection is encased in a wooden box made from Swedish sustainably grown wood.

Learn more about Föreningen Storasyster HERE.

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from 2,899.00
from 2,899.00