Swedish Quality, Handmade

We create pieces that gives the wearer more than just the physical beauty of the silver and stone. We want to make the wearer truly feel the higher purpose with every RÔKA piece.
— Ted Lidgard, Founder
Ted founder RÔKA


Simple yet striking design combined with a solid stance in doing our part in making the world a slightly better place piece by piece. This is the way of RÔKA Stone Wear. All of our collections are connected to a specific charity and a part of our profit is earmarked for donation to that cause. In addition to this we are also striving to produce in a sustainable way, always taking the environment, people and materials into account. This gives us the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and represents our will to help making our world a little bit better for everyone. 


Style & Quality

The typically simple design of RÔKA is also something typical for Sweden. Not too much nor to little but just enough or "lagom" in Swedish. We want to bring our the natural beauty of our stones, metals and minerals with a clean design and the sober shine of Sterling Silver acts as a perfect compliment to the overall look of the RÔKA pieces. 

By producing our pieces by hand, we make sure to sustain the highest possible quality. Every single piece and every last detail is closely scrutinized to make sure that only perfect pieces are selected for delivery. 




We are meticulous when it comes to our pieces. Materials as well as suppliers are carefully selected in order to get the result we, and our fans, expect. We set the bar high. All materials, as far as possible are made in Sweden from Swedish raw materials.

Almost everything we use is made by hand and every little thing is at least finished by hand in Sweden. We are equally thorough when we work with international suppliers.

We want you to feel the love that goes into every RÔKA piece.


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