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The All New RÔKA HÔMAGE Collection

Ted Lidgard
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Dear friends, 

We've taken on a huge challenge: To create a collection not only exclusively made in Sweden but also produced as environmentally friendly and humane as possible. 

Let us introduce The HÔMAGE Collection. 

The RÔKA Hômage collection is our most complex collection yet. We set our goals high in regards to design, quality, materials and awareness. We've had to work hard in order to reach our own standards and to deliver to our customers expectations and we've finally reached the point where we are ready to invite everyone to take part of this new collection. 

Up until the 4th of March you can pre-order your favorite HÔMAGE bracelet through our Kickstarter campaign. This is a chance to get massive discounts on a collection that will never be discounted again once launched. 

The Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2DW2Tuo



The story behind RÔKA is one of passion and entrepreneurship. We started out with a simple idea of creating beautiful accessories with the ambition to do our part in improving the world around us. We don't target men or women but rather people sharing our idea of how things should work. It IS possible to create pieces out of some of the finest materials our world has to offer in a way that not only doesn't hurt our environment but helps people in need. This is why we work with charities and dedicate each collection to a specific charity. It is also why we are very selective with the materials we use in order to avoiding negative impact on the environment and the people we work with.
The HÔMAGE collection has been dedicated to the amazing Swedish non-profit Föreningen Storasyster (The Big Sister Association) and their work to help people exposed to sexual abuse. 

(Read more about Föreningen Storasyster and why we've asked them to be paired with the HÔMAGE collection below under 'Awareness' or at their website: www.foreningenstorasyster.se )

We have never been in this business to maximize our profits or for the sake of money. We want to feed our passion for creating and doing the right thing and to be able to make a living out of that is more than enough for us. Our passion is as strong as it is genuine and anyone willing to join us on this journey is more than welcome to do so. 



At first sight, The Hômage collection appears to differ wildly from the prior RÔKA collections. No stone or minerals, no link and no beaded structure. When taking a closer look however, one will discover several similarities that clearly states the RÔKA heritage of this collection. 

First off, you'll notice that the shape of the solid silver band is the same as the RÔKA tab in our beaded pieces. We simply extended the tab and had it envelop the wrist almost completly. The bracelet is a solid 925 Sterling Silver piece made from 100% reused materials. 

Close to the end of the band is the signature off-set RÔKA engraving which is done by hand. Following the engraving is a row of five bands. Each one representing one of the five years RÔKA has been in existence. A single 'Ô' is engraved on the opposite side and this is the sub-brand marking our new style of design. 
Taking a look in the inside of the band you will find four stamps. One marks the guarantee of the silver purity of 92,5% pure silver (industry standard). Following that is the stamp for year of production (2018). Next up is the stamp guaranteeing that the piece is made in Stockholm, Sweden. And lastly is the RÔKA Stone Wear stamp which marks our status as certified jewelry producer. 

The design has been processed for nearly a year and a half. Pen put to paper and paper put to our talented smith who sculpted to original and on through the process until we reached a result that we are happy with. It has been a slow but steady development which has been needed in order to reach the level of quality we always aim for. 



We had a clear vision from the start with The Hômage, we would be using nothing but Swedish materials and work exclusively with Swedish partners. The 925 Sterling Silver is reused and comes from Swedish mines. We are having less of an environmental impact as no global shipments are required and no new silver ore needs to be mined for our purposes as we reuse silver from old jewlery, cutlery, tools etc. This way we can minimize our Co2 emissions and at the same time have complete and total control over the silver quality as well as the standards for people employed by our partners. 

The boxing is made entirely out of Swedish wood that is grown responsibly and in a sustainable way. The cases are cut to size and then put together by hand using no glue or resin. 

Every single piece of material and every single individual that has worked on this collection comes from Sweden. Simply put: not a single component has crossed Swedish borders. 

This is how we can guarantee the highest possible quality and at the same time make sure that our pieces are produced in a responsible and sustainable way in regards to both people and the environment. Of this we are incredibly proud.



As all RÔKA collections The HÔMAGE is connected to a charity we care deeply about. Föreningen Storasyster is a Swedish non-profit working to help people exposed to sexual abuse. They support their clients with everything from therapy to legal advice. Sadly, the need for non-profits like Föreningen Storasyster is profound and we want to help decrease that need. 10% of the profits of The HÔMAGE collection are donated to Föreningen Storasyster in order to help them do their important and though job. 

Learn more about Föreningen Storasyster here: www.foreningenstorasyster.se