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RÔKA at Nationalmuseum

Ted LidgardComment

Amazing news!

Starting from the 13th of October 2018, the RÔKA HÔMAGE Collection will be a available for purchase at the Swedish National Museum of Art and Design.

This is an absolutely huge deal for us as the National Museum is very selective when it comes to new suppliers. Also, for us to be sharing space with Sweden’s most treasured artists and designers throughout the ages is an absolute honor. We are incredibly excited to see where this might lead.

The museum has been closed for several years for renovations and will reopen with a significant ceremony the 13th of October where the royal family will attend. Their presence really signals the significance of the event.

We came into contact with representatives of the museum during the Formex Fair back in August and they expressed their interest in the HÔMAGE Collection. Now, the deal has been finalized and when the doors open the 13th you will find RÔKA in the museum shop.

We want to thank the National Museum for putting faith in us and granting us this exquisite opportunity and we look forward to working with you.

RÔKA at Nationalmuseum