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The Story of: The Fundâmental Collection

Ted LidgardComment

As RÔKA is nearly five years old we're going to take a look back over the years and tell the stories of each of our collections and how they came to be. Let's start from the beginning with our very first collection; The Fundâmental. 

RÔKA - The Fundâmental Collection

It's the year 2012, RÔKA was in its infancy and the corner stones were still being laid but one of the very first stones to fall in place was the idea of clean and simple yet striking design. The idea came from the origin of RÔKA: Sweden.

Swedish design is typically clean and reserved and we really wanted to celebrate that but add our own touch. The RÔKA signature was to be the beautiful stones we use that makes each piece break out. To help the striking stones and minerals reach their full potential they needed a sharp contrast. Something that would add rather than steal from the core of the design vision as well as the stones themselves. The answer came quick and was quite obvious: 925 Sterling Silver. The 92,5% pure silver, polished to a clear shine but with imperfections intentionally left behind in order to give each piece its own personality, came to be the perfect material to really bring out the stones in every Fundâmental bracelet we would produce. 

As one of RÔKA's main goals is to have a positive impact on the world around us and do good we decided that The Fundâmental would be attached to a charity and that 10% of all profits were to be donated. We've always loved WaterAid (link) with their great work towards helping people around the world to obtain the very essence of life: water. WaterAid also has a long term perspective and helps people to get jobs in drilling wells and other sustainable work. That way, they are helping people help themselves which is incredibly important. So, our decision was made: it would be WaterAid. 

Every single bracelet of The Fundâmental is handmade in Sweden. The production process is time consuming but we decided that it would be the only way to reach our own quality standard. Thanks to this standard we still offer free repairs in case a bracelet would brake. To this day, five years after launch we pride ourselves in that less than 20 customers have asked us for help with repairs. And all of these have been related to bracelets getting pulled apart during heavy lifting or similar. 

The Fundâmental Collection will always be a part of RÔKA and even though we might do minor changes and updates the core design will always be sold on www.rokastonewear.com

Thank you all for all the support and love over the years! It will keep us going through all the hard work with smiles on our faces. 

We love you right back. 


The Fundâmental Dyla in single row layout

The Fundâmental Dyla in single row layout