Swedish Quality, Handmade

Design Project: Teskedsorden

Ted Lidgard

Hey everyone,

Something many of you know already is that a few years ago we had the amazing pleasure to work with the Swedish organization Teskedsorden (The Order of the Teaspoon) as they came to us and asked us to have a go at designing a bracelet for them. We happily accepted and a few months later we had the finished piece which they liked and asked us to produce.

We really love these kinds of projects. They allow us to employ our creativity while also being meaningful as we get to work with an organization that we can really get behind. Teskedsorden is doing great work in tolerance and helping people to be curious instead of hateful and see the good in people instead of being afraid of the unknown. 

As of now the Teskedsorden piece is only available at www.teskedsorden.se but we will soon make it available for purchase in our webshop too. 10% of all proceeds generated by this piece will be donated back to Teskedsorden. 

Hope you like it!