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RÔKA Stone Wear

Welcome to our home.

Here you will find all the handmade pieces of RÔKA. Every single one is put together, piece by piece, by hand, by us, in Sweden. We are very proud of our RÔKAs and we pour our heart and soul into all of them. We love our pieces and hope that you can feel that when you wear them. 




It's back! After being out of stock we've now produced another batch of the Teskedsorden bracelets. These were designed by us as a unique piece for Teskedsorden and we are very pleased with the result. We are very happy to work with Teskedsorden as they are doing an incredible job on educating our society on tolerance and in being more open to other cultures. Head to their website to learn more about their fantastic commitment. 


The Fundâmental Collection - Double Row

The new Double Row variants of the Fundâmental Collection are now available. Handmade with the highest quality as always. And yes, we ship worldwide. 

The Fundâmental Collection

Our Fundâmental Collection is the essential Rôka made by hand with love. Equally easy to wear, match and love for men and women alike. To top it off we are donating 10% of profits made on the Fundâmental to WaterAid to boost their fantastic work around the globe. 

The Justina Collection

The Justina Collection, our most precious one, is named after a friend who left this life much too soon. This is our way of honoring Justina's memory and in her name we donate 10% of profits gained to The World Wildlife Foundation to help preserve our beautiful world that Justina loved so much. 

How we see the Justina Collection in moving images. Please enjoy.