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New retailer: Lifestyle Store

Ted Lidgard

Hi everyone,

Great news! RÔKA is now part of yet another brand new store that will be both a concept store and a showroom for us. We are super excited about this as Lifestyle will serve as our physical headquarters in Stockholm where we can meet with you guys and show off our new pieces. Naturally, our full portfolio of products is available for purchase on site and if you would like to meet us there in person, just shoot us an email and we'll come down and say hi.

We are sharing the Lifestyle store with several other brands that we find to be great inspiration for us. Check out the list below to get to know them as well. 

If you want to come by, and we hope you will, just head to Sturegallerian in Stockholm and ask for the Lifestyle Store. You'll find the address below. 

A selection of the partnering brands:

  • www.octoberstockholm.com 
  • www.stellablakewear.com
  • www.sudiosweden.com
  • www.garmin.com

We see this store to be the launch of everything we're planning for 2017 and we are very excited to let you know each and every detail of our plan but we will have to keep a lid on it for just a while longer. Stay tuned here and on our social media channels for all the latest news.

Come by and say hi! 

Lifestyle Store, Sturegallerian, Stockholm

Grev Turegatan 9, 114 46, Stockholm

Much Love,


Lifestyle Charity Day 2016

Ted Lidgard

Hey guys, 

We've recently started working with Lifestyle Publishing and very interesting things are to come out of that collaboration. First off was the Lifestyle Charity Day event where we were one of the sponsors. We donated a selection of our Fundâmental collection to be sold at the event and every single dime was then donated to the anti-bullying organization Friends (www.friends.se). The event was very successful and a generous sum was collected in benefit of the Friends organization.

We are so happy to be a part of this kind of event which aims to support and bring forth the people working towards a better tomorrow. 

Next up will be more news on the Lifestyle collaboration. Stay tuned! 


RÔKA Lifestyle Charity Day 2016

Pop Up Store - Come meet with us!

Ted Lidgard

Hey guys, 

Just a quick update on where to find us these next couple of months. Friday the 18th was the date the Inshop store in Täby Centrum ( www.tabycentrum.se ) opened and were RÔKA has a great spot in the middle of the store. 

The Inshop store is a temporary place for RÔKA and friends to meet our customers face-to-face and show our collections for this season. You will find every model and size except the Teskedsorden piece ( www.teskedsorden.se ) since we are currently only able to supply the demand on our website. 

The Inshop store will be open until the middle of January 2017 at the very least so you can handle the Christmas shopping for everyone you know in one spot! You'll find the store on floor 0 just by H&M.

We have more great news to reveal shortly so stay tuned! 



The RÔKA display at Inshop, Täby Centrum

The RÔKA display at Inshop, Täby Centrum

Design Project: Teskedsorden

Ted Lidgard

Hey everyone,

Something many of you know already is that a few years ago we had the amazing pleasure to work with the Swedish organization Teskedsorden (The Order of the Teaspoon) as they came to us and asked us to have a go at designing a bracelet for them. We happily accepted and a few months later we had the finished piece which they liked and asked us to produce.

We really love these kinds of projects. They allow us to employ our creativity while also being meaningful as we get to work with an organization that we can really get behind. Teskedsorden is doing great work in tolerance and helping people to be curious instead of hateful and see the good in people instead of being afraid of the unknown. 

As of now the Teskedsorden piece is only available at www.teskedsorden.se but we will soon make it available for purchase in our webshop too. 10% of all proceeds generated by this piece will be donated back to Teskedsorden. 

Hope you like it! 



Brand new website!

Ted Lidgard

Welcome to our new look! What do you think? Many months of hard work is behind this and aims to give you, our beloved fans, an even better RÔKA experience. We will continuously add content and products so sign yourself up for our news letter and be the first to know when news hit the site. 

We're eager to hear your thoughts so send us an e-mail or comment on this post and we'll get back to you.